Hello WHEXcosystem Community,

The closing out of the 5 other WHEXcosystem tokens is almost complete. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition period. Overall everyone has been great, and it didn’t trigger a sell off of WHEX tokens, which is wonderful as I am committed to growing the WHEXcosystem for the long term.

On May 9, these WHEXcosystem tokens were shutdown:Seal Exploder (SLEX)Cod Exploder (CDEX)Anchovy Exploder (ANEX)Krill Exploder (KREX)Cryptophyte (CRYPTO)This was done by turning the tax up to 100% on each of them, and turning on tokenomics for the tide pools.
As of May 11, all 1271 unique holders have been airdropped Smart DeFi WHEX in proportion to how much of the discontinued tokens they held.

Contract address: 0x0D140f495Ffb306bc817fD874C62a1B20284AfbB

In total over 4,500,000,000,000,000,000 Smart DeFi WHEX was airdropped. This is approximately 17% of the circulating supply of that token.

In addition the top holders of these tokens will be sent WHEXy Whales. Any holders of monthly payout NFTs for these 5 discontinued tokens have been airdropped WHEXy Whales or WHEX as well.https://opensea.io/collection/whexy-whales
Holders in rocketbot will be able to swap in for WHEX until the 5 tokens aren’t supported anymore which will be after June 30, 2022. When the liquidity unlocks on FEGex in September 2022 it will be put into the liquidity for WHEX. In the fall of 2026 when the liquidity for the tide pools and pancake swap liquidity unlocks, the remaining tokens will be burned and the BNB used to add liquidity to WHEX on pancake swap. The remaining WHEX in that WHEX/SLEX or KREX/WHEX pool by then will be distributed to WHEXy Whale holders. Thanks again for your patience and cooperation,

~ Peter Wake


Smart DeFi - Whale Exploder Fork

Initial burn tokens:
972,162,670,634,882,000,001 Smart DeFi WHEX

Initial Ciriculating Supply:
26,519,304,665,949,999,999 Smart DeFi WHEX

Contract Address:

All transactions:
Reflections: 12%

Sell only:
Smart Rising Price Floor: 1.5%
Asset-Backing: 1.5%

Starting liquidity:
0.67518 fBNB

Timeline 2022

March 8 - Created by migrating some of the original WHEX tokens.

March 26 - April 2: Whitelist access to presale

April 3-20: Presale

April 20 - initial liquidity added

Address with tokens set aside to generate passive income from reflections for Whale Exploder token:


Peter Wake

Founder and CEO