Saving the whales,

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whex-logoWhale Exploder (WHEX)
67.1% in circulation, 32.9% burned, 20.08 BNB locked

How to add $whex to your wallet?

You need to add the token manually on MetaMask or Trust Wallet in order to view token.
>> Network: Binance Smart Chain>> Address: 0x31e79A378fb85D8c4d51489E5c90ecAF9c17935A>> Name: Whale Exploder>> Symbol: $whex>> Decimals: 9
whexy-logoWHEXy whales (NFT)
WHEXy Whales is an NFT project consisting of 4800 unique Whales with different traits like hats, glasses, shirts, backgrounds, etc
Minting & Royalties (How they will be used):>> Mint Link:>> 25% to whale conservation charities>> 25% buys WHEX for WHEXDAO staking pools.>> 25% to marketing and administrative costs>> 25% founder pay>> Transacted after each 100 mints, or for royalties, each $1000 accumulated
whexdao-logoWHEXcosystem DAO (WHEXDAO)
>> Network: Binance Smart Chain>> Address: 0x1fFD93F8c3d99bDAA4A012A0Fc26868F00Cfa5c2>> Symbol: $WHEXDAO>> Decimals: 9>> Initial Supply: 1,000,000,000 WHEXDAO>> Stockpile Address: 0x0D7079098C8feb4F4AEF40703CE83eCc704f371d>> Private Sales: 35,000,000>> Split Presale: 300,000,000
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