Saving the whales,

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Whale Exploder (WHEX)64.3% in circulation, 35.7% burned, 19.58 BNB locked

How to add $whex to your wallet?

You need to add the token manually on MetaMask or Trust Wallet in order to view token.>> Network: Binance Smart Chain>> Address: 0x31e79A378fb85D8c4d51489E5c90ecAF9c17935A>> Name: Whale Exploder>> Symbol: $whex>> Decimals: 9


>> 2% sent to the treasury wallet (formerly charity/burn wallet). Then when it reaches 10 quintillion WHEX:>> 25% is burned>> 25% is sold and donated to Whale Conservation>> 25% is sold and added to the liquidity pool of WEED>> 25% is sent to the founder's wallet as salary.>> 2% distribution to holders>> 2% Automatic liquidity pool on Pancake Swap

Locked Liquidity

>> 15.1 BNB of LP Locked for 5 years. Pancake LPs for Whale Exploder: 0xac3843ed09a264f26f2668a7c57b3191ad10a6f7>> 1 BNB of initial Liquidity was created and locked on June 29, 2021 for 5 years. This was done on, These can be seen on BSC Scan here: 0xeb3a9c56d963b971d320f889be2fb8b59853e449>> Automatic LP (13% of each transaction): 0x07d80ae6f36a5e08dca74ce884a24d39db9934ed.LP from IDO will be locked in for 5 years. Additional LP has been sent to this initial contract since the first 1 BNB and is locked.

WHEXy whales (NFT)WHEXy Whales is an NFT project consisting of 4800 unique Whales with different traits like hats, glasses, shirts, backgrounds, etc
Minting & Royalties (How they will be used):>> Mint Link:>> 25% to whale conservation charities>> 25% buys WHEX for $WEED staking pools.>> 25% to marketing and administrative costs>> 25% founder pay>> Transacted after each 100 mints, or for royalties, each $1000 accumulated
Why mint a WHEXy whale today?1. Help real life whales2. get airdropped WHEXcosystem DAO - $WEED tokens and participate in determining the future of the project3. Access to getting a custom ENS subdomain of WHEXy.eth4. Access to an exclusive Discord and Telegram chats5. Use WHEXy whale in your company or merch store or partner with WHEXcosystem Inc. and split the profits.

WHEXcosystem Exploder Ecosystem Daov2The WHEXcosystem DAO ($WEED) token is used to make decisions on the future of the WHEXcosystem via blockchain vote.
>> Staking rewards for $WEED are generated from 25% of the mint proceeds and royalties of the WHEXy Whales:>> Pancake Swap: Click here>> Network: Binance Smart Chain>> Address: 0x64235611f7D0BfCbBd079e0Ff1824466e697dCf5>> Symbol: $WEED>> Decimals: 18>> Initial Supply: 1,000,000 WEED>> Private Sales: 35,000>> Airdrop to WHEXy Whales 1-2000: 83,330>> Split Presale - Burn WHEX option: 15,922>> Flash Sales: 4,282>> Staking Rewards on Safeswap: 50,000. Click here for more>> Airdrop to WHEX holders (snapshot May 8, 12:00 AM EST): 232,725 WEED>> Airdrop for minting WHEXy whales 2001-4800 (41.665 each): 116,662>> DEXs (WEED/USDT): 100,000 Click here for more>> WEED Reserve: 12,079 0x188f92ACD1A82b54ce713cAFa8e8217c1089230c>> 1 BNB for 20,000 WEED 350,000 available:Click here for more


>> 1% of each transaction is burned>> 2% of each transaction goes to DAO Treasury wallet: 0x188f92acd1a82b54ce713cafa8e8217c1089230c>> It was relaunched April 1, 2023 to add tokenomics and resolve some issues with the liquidity pool being botted. An airdrop was done at a rate of 1 $WEED per 1000 $WHEXDAO.>> Originally it was on this contract address: 0x1fFD93F8c3d99bDAA4A012A0Fc26868F00Cfa5c2

Voting Mechanism

>> Holders can vote without having to send tokens to addresses using a dapp. This will allow holders to participate in the future of the WHEXcosystem without the need to give up voting power. This is hosted at:>> The decision will be carried out by the WHEXcosystem team. (Must have at least 51% of the total $WEED used to vote).>> Voting on the $WEED tokenomics, what to do with the $WEED built up in DAO Treasury and $WHEX in the charity/burn wallet are allowed.Note As CEO, Peter Wake retains the right to veto any decision, or decide not to run a vote on a question presented by the community. I.E. you cannot use the DAO to perform a hostile takeover of the WHEX contract, decide to perform illegal acts, etc.

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